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We’re working with the best accelerators that focus on Africa’s key industries, like education, finance and agriculture. Designed for pre-seed to Series A+ startups.

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Top reasons why accelerators focused on African teams choose Raise


Software simplicity One-of-a-kind tools that keep your cap table clean and complian


Motif switched from Carta to Raise for the better user experience, especially the ability to keep a cleaner cap table with RUVs, and to get away from expensive stakeholder-based pricing

Haylie Vetrovs
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

Pricing & service Only pay for team members with equity, not investors.


Harness Wealth switched from Raise to AngelList for the ease of cap table entries, responsiveness of service requests, scope of features, and price

Hanna Torff
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

A single provider Bundle equity, fundraising, banking, and people tools on Raise


If Then Ventures was able to onboard 35 angel investors as a single line on their startup's cap table by using a Roll Up Vehicle.

Haylie Vetrovs
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

Custom legal and financial support for the cohort

Our dedicated financial and legal services ensure that cohorts have everything they need to build a strong legal and financial foundation for their equity journey.


Navigate the intricacies of African startup finance with our specialized team. We craft bespoke financial and scenario models, letting you explore those crucial 'what if' scenarios. Whether it's mapping the potential of fundraising efforts or forecasting exits, our tools are crafted to ensure your transition from excel sheets to term sheets is seamless and without unexpected hitches.

An expert team for you, 24/7

Our team of financial and legal experts specializing in African VC is available every day via chat, Slack, or email to ensure you receive timely assistance.

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Determine the worth of your company with a Pan-African Valuation.

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Your cohort will get priority access to free tools and subscriptions


Get started with free educational courses to mastery the foundations of startup equity as an African business. The Mastery courses and discounts on value-added services are best built for startups launching and first-time founders.


Evolve to an Essential dashboard, with all of the first steps built for pre-seed and seed stages companies raising your first, second and third round - to manage all of those SAFEs, clean up the Delaware flip and be sure your law firms are onboarded early.


Grow into a Pro dashboard, built for companies growing past seed+ and Series A, and looking to get to profitability and start thinking through liquidity journeys.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

What are the main challenges accelerators face with their staff?

One of the primary challenges is that some staff might lack essential skills founders need, such as expertise in Equity Management and Compliance. This can result in a disconnect between the support offered and the actual needs of the founders.

How does the background of accelerator leaders impact their effectiveness?

Accelerators run by foreigners sometimes struggle because they might not fully understand the nuances of doing business in Africa. This can result in guidance that may not be as practical or relevant to the unique challenges African startups face.

Are accelerators able to provide ongoing support to founders?

While many accelerators offer valuable support during their programs, founders often still need personal support afterwards. Some accelerators might not have the resources or time to continue offering this extended support.

How does Raise fill the skill and knowledge gap in accelerators?

Raise has dedicated personnel who cater to specific needs, such as Equity clinics, Valuations, and Incorporations. Our analysts have a strong understanding of the African business landscape, ensuring the advice and support given is relevant and impactful.

Does Raise provide post-program support?

Absolutely! Raise recognizes the continued need for support and offers post-program assistance to founders who require it. This ensures that startups have the guidance they need, even after their accelerator program ends.

How does Raise enhance networking opportunities for founders?

Raise has a platform that introduces founders to interested investors. We also organize webinars with accelerator and industry experts, ensuring that founders in Africa have the best networking opportunities and knowledge resources available.


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