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Top reasons why accelerators focused on African teams choose Raise


Software simplicity One-of-a-kind tools that keep your cap table clean and complian


Motif switched from Carta to Raise for the better user experience, especially the ability to keep a cleaner cap table with RUVs, and to get away from expensive stakeholder-based pricing

Haylie Vetrovs
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

Pricing & service Only pay for team members with equity, not investors.


Harness Wealth switched from Raise to AngelList for the ease of cap table entries, responsiveness of service requests, scope of features, and price

Hanna Torff
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

A single provider Bundle equity, fundraising, banking, and people tools on Raise


If Then Ventures was able to onboard 35 angel investors as a single line on their startup's cap table by using a Roll Up Vehicle.

Haylie Vetrovs
Founder & CEO Demo Inc

Custom legal and financial support for the cohort

Our dedicated financial and legal services ensure that cohorts have everything they need to build a strong legal and financial foundation for their equity journey.


Navigate the intricacies of African startup finance with our specialized team. We craft bespoke financial and scenario models, letting you explore those crucial 'what if' scenarios. Whether it's mapping the potential of fundraising efforts or forecasting exits, our tools are crafted to ensure your transition from excel sheets to term sheets is seamless and without unexpected hitches.

An expert team for you, 24/7

Our team of financial and legal experts in African VC are ready for you everyday on chat, Slack, or email to be sure you get what you need, on time.

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Determine the worth of your company with a Pan-African Valuation.

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Your cohort will get priority access to free tools and subscriptions


Begin with a foundational grasp of equity in the African startup ecosystem. The Mastery dashboard provides a curated educational platform, offering essential content from tutorials to case studies. It's the initial step for any entrepreneur to confidently navigate Africa's complex tech scene


Tackling the unique challenges of launching in Africa? The Essential dashboard is your companion for those formative steps, aiding in initial equity splits among founders and guiding through your first SAFEs at pre-seed. Built with a focus on the early intricacies, it's the linchpin for startups establishing their foundation in Africa's energetic business milieu


As you aim for greater horizons, the Pro dashboard becomes your indispensable tool. Seamlessly navigate diverse corporate structures spanning Africa, America, and Europe. With advanced scenario modeling via the Calculator, derive precise valuations for 409as and optimize stock option distribution.

Tailored for ambitious startups, it's the strategic aid for those plotting significant growth across continents

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

How does the Calculator help me with fundraising?

It's designed to help African startups and businesses play out various 'what if' scenarios regarding fundraising, exits, and more. You provide the term sheet, and the Calculator will handle the complex math for you.

Can I model my startup's future with it?

The Calculator is crafted to align with your business milestones and capital financing needs. Whether it's priced round pro-formas or alternative financing like venture debt and mergers, the Calculator helps you navigate them all.

How is it tailored for African startups and VC?

Yes, it's built keeping African VC in mind, integrating real-time market data, understanding the challenges of inflating African currencies, and offering valuation benchmarks tailored for VC-backed startups across Africa.

What's special about the Pro version?

There are three versions of the Calculator. Open source, essentials and Pro. The open source is free, and the essentials is on a subscription. With the Pro version, you collaborate directly with our VC financial & legal experts to design your rounds. This provides tailored advice and powerful scenarios customized for your startup's unique requirements.

How do I start using the Calculator?

Start by plugging in your existing cap table, numbers, and goals. Explore different outcomes and, once satisfied, generate term sheets for your rounds, simplifying your equity calculations and financial planning.