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We offer subscription plans and pay as you go products that are designed to help African startups grow from launch to liquidity.

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We offer subscription plans and pay as you go products that are designed to help African startups grow from launch to liquidity.



Simplify equity, legals and prepare for the next round - essentials for African startups.

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Streamline your cap table
Unlimited team licenses
Onboard your lawyer and firm
Fundraise scenario modeller
Shareholder dashboards
Due diligence check-lists
Pan-African subsidiaries in one place
Investor automated NDAs
Digital electronic securities
Assisted onboarding
Pre-money valuation report (T&C apply)
Equity clinic (T&C apply)



Elevate to the growth stage with benchmarks, expert support and deep market insights.

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Everything in Essentials plan plus more:
Employee vesting and pools
Forecast scenarios with market data
Deal room set-up
Rights and preferences
Access to our expert VC teams
Investor automated NDAs
Digital electronic securities
Assisted onboarding
Pre-money valuation report (T&C apply)
Equity clinic (T&C apply)

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Experienced startup legal and financial advisors to guide you every step of the way. Our core goal is to help guide you through shaping your startup in the African market so you can make better business decisions without having to hire lawyers and financial analysts.

equity clinic

Determine your equity health score

We provide African startups with expert guidance on how to design a financially and legally sound business and plan and manage their equity effectively. Our experts provide personal assistance and through a detailed gap analysis report and provide practical advice onhow to fix and optimize your corporate structure. Get your own financial and legal team without having to hire another employee.

Intelligent Corporate Structuring

Uncover financial insights, assess value, and manage risks for your African company

Beautiful Reports

Share your equity story with crisp visuals. Keep investors and partners updated

Personalized Assistance

Shape your financial future with help from Africa's best. Get custom support from experts .

valuation services

Get a comprehensive and reliable analysis of your business with our valuation services. Gain valuable insights into your company's performance within the dynamic African market. Usingthree core methods & applied expert knowledge, you will receive a thorough evaluation to equip you with a comprehensive view of your business in order to secure funding and attract potential investors.

Market benchmarks

Tap into Africa's latest data trends. Compare your company's valuation and industry position. Make smarter, data-informed decisions.

Negotiate with confidence

Achieve pre-money valuations that are primed for deals. Harnessing advanced tech methodologies and insights from Africa's top fund managers.

Diligence-ready report

Drive investment negotiations with clarity. Our data-rich pre-money valuations and tailored reports, backed by industry-leading methods.

valuation 409A

Ensure compliance with our specialized Valuation 409A offering designed specifically for African startups. Gain access to expert guidance and a tailored approach to assess your company's valuation, taking into account the unique dynamics of various locations within the African market.

Tailored Approach

Analysis of the unique factors of your startup and location of operation


Minimize risk, stay compliant with regulatory requirements across markets

Expert Guidance

Effortlessly visualize and share data for effective communication and collaboration.


Tailored expert guidance on how to benchmark data & trends within the African startup ecosystem.Get valuable insights to make better financial decisions with the support of our corporate finance analyst who will work closely with you and your team to create a bespoke solution for your business.

Competitive Edge

Unique Insights and benchmarking data within the African tech ecosystem

Strategic Decision Making

A deep understanding of various potential outcomes and their implications.

Intuitive Interface

Effortlessly visualize and share data for effective communication and collaboration.

financial  modelling

Get accurate financial data to help you make informed strategic decisions for sustainable growth. Models tailored uniquely to your industry within the African market by an African team.

Industry Growth

Incorporated with industry-specific data and insights to understand market dynamics, trends, and growth opportunities.

Business Transformation

Identify potential risks and challenges, and optimize resource allocation.


Use data to assess various scenarios & evaluate the financial viability of your business model.

An expert team for you, 24/7

Our team of financial and legal experts specializing in African VC is available every day via chat, Slack, or email to ensure you receive timely assistance.

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Determine the worth of your company with a Pan-African Valuation.

Included in all plans

No additional charges included

Designed to fuel your growth

We need different things at different stages. Get everything you need for a pre-seed company, all the way past Series A.

Legal Central Hub

Centralize templates, documents & manage company subsidiaries

Simplify Ownership

Early-stage equity management for fundraising success and investor pitching.

Equity Clinic

Get an equity score to guide future decisions.

Manage Shareholders

Empower your shareholders with equity education and transparency.

Manage Equity

Monitor equity changes, prevent disputes.
Plan best-case amid downturn.

Facilitate Employee Incentives

Make incentive plans, track vesting & educate
your African employees.

Corporate Structure

Automate compliance tracking for African subsidiaries/entities.

Build Valuation

Determine the worth of your company with a Pan-African Valuation.

Generate Licenses

Automating licensing compliance for fintech, health, and related industries.

Legal Dashboard

Dashboard for law firms to manage global projects easily.

Share Tranfers

Simplifying share transfers with late-stage company integrations.

Simplify M&A Process

Easy & quick due diligence  for acquisition, licensing & partnerships in multiple countries.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

What is Ownership?

Ownership is a reliable and precise cap table software meticulously designed for African startups. It empowers you to manage, send, transfer, and transact equity seamlessly, simplifying your cap table management from startup inception to growth milestones.

Why is Equity Management Important?

Equity is the backbone of your startup. Ownership allows you to track equity in real-time, understand ownership structures, and foresee the effects of future decisions. It ensures you are always informed about your company's most valuable resource.

How Does Ownership Cater to African Structures?

Ownership is tailored to the intricacies of African markets. It accommodates diverse holding structures, from Delaware and the United Kingdom to African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. It enables smooth reporting of beneficial ownership, compliance with local shareholding rules, and issuance of electronic shares from regional subsidiaries.

How Does Ownership Benefit Shareholders?

Ownership extends secure dashboards to your investors, enabling them to monitor equity, exercise options, and access crucial documents. It features automated board consents, decision logs, comprehensive tax reporting, and local compliance, ensuring your investors stay connected with your startup's journey.

How Does Ownership Handle Mistakes?

Ownership identifies cap table discrepancies, provides solutions for corrections, and even estimates potential costs through your law firm.

What Does the Ownership Platform Map?

Ownership maps various elements, including Delaware entities and African subsidiaries that can issue official share certificates. It tracks ownership units held by founders and employees, debt instruments, convertible notes, SAFEs, stock options, and tokens representing stakes or utilities.