The scenario modeling calculator for African startups

Technology financing in Africa is a roller coaster. Run equity calculations to make it easy to play out all of those ‘what if’ questions you have to model the impact of fundraising and exits. Get the term sheets, we’ll do the maths, so that you can get back to building and growing across Africa.

Model your future with confidence

The Calculator is built to give African startup teams the most accurate picture of your next fundraise and exit so you can build with confidence.

Designed to protect African startups

Integrated with data-driven insights based on real-time market data, inflating African currencies and accessing valuation benchmarks for VC-backed startups across Africa.

Forecast your startup’s future

Designed for priced round pro-formas, play around with alternative forms of financing like venture debt, mergers and converting that stack of SAFEs that keeps you up at night.

Lightning fast and powerfully accurate

With your cap table on Raise, explore different scenarios in a few clicks without the complexity. Save time, reduce your legal fees and be sure you’re only diluting what’s necessary so you can fuel the growth of your core business.

Generate scenario models in a few clicks

Build a scenario

Model on your existing cap table with numbers, milestones and goals. No more messy sheets.

View results

Play around with possible outcomes.

Generate terms

Build out your terms for your fundraise.

Built for startups and investors that believe in Africa’s future

Startup teams

Empower your startup with precise tools that simplify equity calculations, trigger timely conversions for Series A, and provide clarity on financial milestones, ensuring you're always prepared for the next strategic move in your entrepreneurial journey.


Enhance your portfolio optimization with specialized tools tailored to the African tech ecosystem. Dive deep into valuation benchmarking across industries and countries, ensuring informed investment decisions and maximized returns.

Industries & Country

Tailored for industries like fintech, healthcare, agriculture, and e-commerce, our tools offer nuanced insights for key African markets such as Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, addressing each sector's distinct challenges and opportunities.

Model smart futures to raise money or exit

Priced rounds

Calculate your company's share price for Series A investments, specifically focusing on converting and triggering SAFEs and convertible notes.

Venture debt

Evaluate loan options tailored to African currencies, taking into account convertible debt, interest rates, and repayment terms.

Merger & acquisition calculator

Dive into the financial intricacies of buying companies for specific licenses, selling assets for cash, or executing common share swaps.

Exits and returns on investment calculator

Get a clear picture of potential profits when selling your business or shares.

Designed to be Powerfully Accurate

Scenario models and share calculations are critical for your growth. The calculator are built to be free, paid or custom models designed for your equity and business goals.


Work closely with our VC financial & legal experts to design your rounds, getting tailored advice and more powerful scenarios for your unique needs.


Dive deeper with our dashboard tools, priced affordably to provide the essentials needed for your financial strategy and scenario planning.

open source (free)

Access our free calculators, regularly updated and designed to easily integrate with your financial model, ensuring you stay on top of your game without any cost.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

How does the Calculator help me with fundraising?

It's designed to help African startups and businesses play out various 'what if' scenarios regarding fundraising, exits, and more. You provide the term sheet, and the Calculator will handle the complex math for you.

Can I model my startup's future with it?

The Calculator is crafted to align with your business milestones and capital financing needs. Whether it's priced round pro-formas or alternative financing like venture debt and mergers, the Calculator helps you navigate them all.

How is it tailored for African startups and VC?

Yes, it's built keeping African VC in mind, integrating real-time market data, understanding the challenges of inflating African currencies, and offering valuation benchmarks tailored for VC-backed startups across Africa.

What's special about the Pro version?

There are three versions of the Calculator. Open source, essentials and Pro. The open source is free, and the essentials is on a subscription. With the Pro version, you collaborate directly with our VC financial & legal experts to design your rounds. This provides tailored advice and powerful scenarios customized for your startup's unique requirements.

How do I start using the Calculator?

Start by plugging in your existing cap table, numbers, and goals. Explore different outcomes and, once satisfied, generate term sheets for your rounds, simplifying your equity calculations and financial planning.