Build fair valuations for African startup equity

Valuations are more than numbers; they're the heartbeat of your startup's potential and the basis for investment. Modern valuation tools and methods designed for African startup’s key markets are here. Run your valuations today.

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How it works

Build a fair valuation

We offer different kinds of valuations based on your needs. Each valuation is designed to bring transparency and are all benchmarked with the latest market data across African technology.

409A Valuations

Build compliant and defensible 409A valuations. We work with the 409A teams that build valuations for startups across the world, to ensure professionalism, clarity and fair valuations.

Financial reporting

Built for your next round and based on your financing history. Financial reports will help you embed your financial models and design valuation benchmarks for your equity journey.

Designed to be data-driven

Each valuation is powered by thousands of data points for African businesses with the latest financial data from stock exchanges and tech financings in Africa’s biggest markets. Here is what valuations take into account:

Qualitative growth

Using regional comparisons across Africa’s key markets the Scorecard Method assigns scores to specific criteria for a pre-money valuation. Meanwhile, the Checklist Method determines your valuation based on fixed criteria and your company's performance.

Future Cash Flows

Inflation caught up to all of us, we use the DCF Method with Long Term Growth, we discount future cash flows considering economic risk, discount rate, and survival rate. With DCF with Multiples Method, we assess your startup's value based on EBITDA, industry benchmarks, and survival rates.

Venture capital-sized returns

Using the Venture Capital Method, we evaluate the anticipated returns upon exit, integrating it with a specialized formula tailored to custom parameters prevalent in African tech fund models.

Valuation benchmarks

We run valuation comparisons for you based on industry, stage and country across Africa’s key markets. From there, that’s used to price your shares and funding trajectory compared with other companies with similar business models and financing histories.

And, there’s more...

Updates your cap table in real time

Effortlessly monitor real-time valuations, ensuring you're equipped with up-to-the-minute knowledge. Grasp valuation structures swiftly and foresee the implications of pivotal choices. Keep a vigilant eye on your company's most vital asset.


Run the latest financing and African tech deals to build benchmarks and comparisons of your share price, projections and budget for your next milestones.

Syncs with your scenario models

Valuations done on Raise will sync with your Calculator and scenario models for real-time updates to existing and future equity, debt and financing models you build with Raise.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Why do I need a valuation for my startup in Africa?

Valuation is crucial as it helps you understand your startup's worth in the market, aiding investor negotiations, resource allocation, and strategic decision-making. It also enables you to set realistic goals and navigate your growth journey effectively.

How is the valuation of my startup determined?

Valuation involves assessing various factors, including financials, market trends, comparable companies, and potential future cash flows. These components are used to derive a fair estimate of your startup's value.

What are the different valuation methods used?

Common methods include Market Value, which assesses your startup's value within the market context, and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), which projects future cash flows and discounts them back to present value. Comparable Companies analysis and valuation based on financials are also widely used.

How does valuation impact investor relations?

Accurate valuation builds investor confidence by providing a clear understanding of your startup's potential returns. It forms the basis for investment negotiations and helps attract investors who see the alignment between their investment and your startup's value.

Can I use international valuation methods for my African startup?

While international methods can offer insights, it's essential to tailor valuations to the unique intricacies of African markets. Regional factors, market conditions, and regulatory environments should be considered for a precise valuation.

Is valuation relevant for early-stage startups in Africa?

Absolutely! Valuation is valuable for startups at all stages. It helps early-stage startups set equitable equity distribution, negotiate with potential investors, and lay the foundation for growth.

How can valuation impact my startup's growth strategy?

Valuation guides your resource allocation and strategic planning. Knowing your startup's worth enables you to make informed decisions, ensuring you direct resources to areas that drive growth and align with your trajectory.

Can I update my startup's valuation over time?

Yes, valuations can and should be updated periodically, especially during significant milestones like funding rounds or key business developments. An up-to-date valuation provides a current view of your startup's value.

How does valuation tie into my exit strategy?

Your exit strategy, whether through acquisition or IPO, is directly linked to valuation. A precise valuation helps you negotiate favorable terms during an exit, ensuring you maximize the returns on your startup.

How can I ensure a fair distribution of equity based on valuation?

Accurate valuation helps founders and stakeholders allocate equity fairly. It ensures that ownership stakes reflect the actual worth and contributions of individuals to the startup's growth.