defi & rwa

On-chain liquidity for Africa’s capital markets

Africa’s first on-chain oracle for real world assets. Bridge on-chain representation for startup equity, real estate and tokenized bond - with the best regulatory standards in the game.

Buy bonds, debt and on-chain credit across Africa in seconds

Bundle and sell ETFs in startups and real estate across Africa

Connect your wallet with vaults to draw liquidity

With a Pan-African oracle built to be compliant

Local integrations

Instantly verify paper and corporate details with the latest KYC and KYB standards across the African continent for any asset bought using this product.

The latest wallet standards

Built for your next round and based on your financing history. Financial reports will help you embed your financial models and design valuation benchmarks for your equity journey.

Designed to be flexible, buy the assets with confidence

Startup indexes

Buy and sell primaries and secondaries in startup indexes. Instead of investing in one Financial Technology startup, invest in a basket of Fintech companies in Africa.

Real estate financing

Invest across real estate, commercial and real-estate investment trusts that are both publicly and privately listed assets across key real estate markets in Africa.

On-chain credit

Connect your debt and credit assets to leverage existing protocols like Goldfinch and others to be able to run liquidity events for inventory financing and finance debt for lending companies in Africa.

Tokenized bonds

Buy and sell debt in governments - and directly hold stock in public stock exchange assets across Africa’s most liquid stock exchanges.

Equity wallets designed for next generation liquidity

Integrate your wallets with ERC standards

Automate global and local tax reporting

Engage and share with your groups of friends

Connect with global pools and vaults