Built for startups with headquarters in Kenya

Seamlessly navigate Kenya's financial ecosystem with our platform. From real-time modeling in Kenyan Shilling and upholding ownership transparency, to smart insights for your local subsidiaries—experience a solution that's not just globally robust but locally integrated, ensuring your venture thrives in its native landscape.

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How we can support Kenyan startups across key industries

No matter what project you're working on, we've got you covered with the best wireframe kits for any platform.

Financial technology

Specifically crafted for Kenya's M-Pesa-powered digital economy, navigate mobile banking, seamlessly integrate real-time transactions, and stay ahead of local financial regulations. Harness up-to-the-minute data for better decision-making in the heartbeat of East Africa's FinTech revolution.

Health Technology

Addressing the unique healthcare challenges of Kenya, our tools promote investments in local medical innovations, uphold ethical equity standards while accommodating the nuances of Kenya's health landscape. Collaborate with ease on R&D and navigate equity intricacies, ensuring transparent growth in Kenyan healthcare ventures.

E-commerce & Logistics

Designed for Kenya's bustling online marketplace and intricate logistics networks. Seamlessly integrate insights from bustling Nairobi streets to coastal Mombasa hubs


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Regulatory vigilance

A dashboard built for African startups in the earliest stages, to get their legals and their basic cap tables set up

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Tailored support

A dashboard built for African startups in the earliest stages, to get their legals and their basic cap tables set up

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Why are these tools tailored specifically for Kenya?

Kenya has a unique business environment, especially in the FinTech, Healthcare, and E-commerce/Logistics sectors. Our tools are customized to understand and navigate the specific challenges and opportunities inherent to the Kenyan market, ensuring that businesses here have an edge.

Can the tools help me understand equity distribution in my Kenyan healthcare startup?

Absolutely! Our platform is crafted to navigate the unique equity intricacies in Kenya's healthcare sector. Whether you're collaborating on R&D or ensuring ethical standards, our tools ensure transparency and precision in your venture's growth trajectory.

How do the E-commerce/Logistics tools benefit my Kenyan enterprise?

Considering Kenya's diverse e-commerce landscape and complex logistics networks, our tools offer integrated insights to manage vendor equity, streamline logistical operations, and make decisions with clarity from Nairobi's bustling streets to Mombasa's coastal hubs.

Are there specific regulatory guidelines these tools align with?

Yes, our tools are meticulously designed to stay updated and in alignment with Kenya's regulatory frameworks, ensuring that businesses operate within legal parameters while maximizing their strategic potential.

Can these tools help with Kenya-specific tax implications?

Indeed! Our platform recognizes the tax nuances and withholdings specific to Kenya, aiding businesses in efficient financial planning and ensuring compliance with local tax codes.

How often are the tools updated to reflect changes in the Kenyan market?

We prioritize keeping our tools up-to-date. As the Kenyan market evolves, we consistently update our platforms to reflect current trends, regulatory changes, and industry shifts, ensuring that businesses always have a cutting-edge advantage.

Do I need any special training to use these tools?

Our platform is user-friendly, but we also offer tutorials and dedicated support to ensure that every user can harness the full potential of our tools, regardless of their tech proficiency.