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Our tailored approach helps Africa’s startups with simplified legal processes for flawless equity management, efficient corporate structuring, and compliant board operations. Our three-step method: diagnose, integrate, and maintain, guarantees sustainable legal excellence, not just quick fixes.

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Clean up your legals on Raise

How it works

Import your fund model

Integrate your fund’s unique model and strategy with our team and platform to set a solid foundation to model liquidity.

Run a custom calculator

Your fund model gets fused with the latest market benchmarks and proprietary market data to give you a realistic path to liquidity for your LP’s based on the latest market benchmarks and financings in African tech.

Activate your dashboard

Activate a view for your team to see all of your portfolio, their cap tables and investments all in one place. Make it easier to report and make future investments from one dashboard with the power of your custom calculator.

Built for your style of investing

Angel investors

Simple views for individual investors to navigate your equityownership from one portfolio with all of your taxes across Africa in one place.

Syndicate groups

Seamless collaboration and insights for GPs of Angel Syndicates in Africa to build custom calculators and aggregate your deals and investment progress in one place.

Professional firms

Larger portfolios need enhanced support. Ensure you meet your firm’s obligations through comprehensive data, benchmarks, and legal optimization.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Is the platform available for public use?

No, our platform is currently in Beta and available for private requests only. If you're interested in being part of our exclusive group of early adopters, please reach out.

How does "Clean up your legals on Raise" benefit investors in African tech?

You can effortlessly import and integrate your fund model and strategy with our team and platform. This serves as the base for subsequent processes, such as projections, valuations, and liquidity modelling.

What makes the custom calculator feature unique?

Our custom calculator isn't just about numbers. It fuses your fund model with the latest market benchmarks and our proprietary data, allowing you to realistically forecast the path to liquidity based on recent market benchmarks in African tech.

What will the dashboard offer?

The dashboard centralizes your portfolio management. You can view all of your portfolio companies, their cap tables, and investments in one place, streamlining reporting and future investment decisions.

Is this platform suitable for individual investors?

Absolutely! For Angel investors, our platform offers simplified views, helping you manage equity ownership across your portfolio and keep track of taxes acrossAfrica efficiently.

How does the platform cater to Syndicate groups and Professional firms?

For Syndicates, we focus on group collaboration, offering custom calculator tools and unified views of investment progress. For Professional firms with larger portfolios, we deliver comprehensive data analytics, market benchmarks, and legal support to ensure optimal governance and performance.