Taking African startups from
launch to liquidity

Equity Management Tools for African Founders

Unlock your startup's growth potential across Africa's borders. Say goodbye to the pain of equity management, multiple corporate entities and licenses with Organize by Raise - the one platform that scales with African startup teams from launch to liquidity.

We are releasing Organize, a better way for African startups to organize their equity ownership and business, from launch to liquidity.  

Accelerate your growth, and empower teams & shareholders with equity literacy.
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Are you

struggling with corporate governance?

Are you

spending excessive amounts on legal fees?

Are you

battling to grow your business in a sustainable way?

Spend excessively on expensive legal costs
Use manual sheets to build cap tables
Use multiple platforms for different tasks
Make expensive avoidable human errors
Spend excessively on expensive legal costs
Use manual sheets to build cap tables
Use multiple platforms for different tasks
Make expensive avoidable human errors
Inefficiencies & difficulties trying to fundraise
Inefficiencies & difficulties trying to fundraise
Access to an automated cap table & dashboard
Better ways to store & share high-value data
Save a lot of time, money and effort
Smart Scenario Simulator
Access to an automated cap table & dashboard
Better ways to store & share high-value data
Save a lot of time, money and effort
Smart Scenario Simulator
Well-integrated tools and templates to manage equity
Well-integrated tools and templates to manage equity

Discover The Power
Of Organize

Tired of managing the complexities of equity ownership and business management? Want to accelerate your growth, empower your teams and shareholders, and achieve equity literacy? Look no further than Organize by Raise
All your legals in
one place
Design your equity
Track your equity in real time, no surprises

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Built for Africa

Organize by Raise is the go-to tool for African startups, offering flexibility for pre-seed startups to quickly get started, and accuracy for later-stage companies. Manage finances, team collaboration, and projects with ease on our user-friendly platform.

Legal Central Hub

Centralize templates, documents & manage company subsidiaries

Simplify Ownership

Early-stage equity management for fundraising success and investor pitching.

Equity Clinic

Get an equity score to guide future decisions.

Manage Shareholders

Empower your shareholders with equity education and transparency.

Manage Equity

Monitor equity changes, prevent disputes.
Plan best-case amid downturn.

Facilitate Employee Incentives

Make incentive plans, track vesting & educate
your African employees.

Corporate Structure

Automate compliance tracking for African subsidiaries/entities.

Build Valuation

Determine the worth of your company with a Pan-African Valuation.

Generate Licenses

Automating licensing compliance for fintech,
health, and related industries.

Legal Dashboard

Dashboard for law firms to manage global projects easily.

Share Tranfers

Simplifying share transfers with late-stage company integrations.

Simplify M&A Process

Easy & quick due diligence  for acquisition, licensing & partnerships in multiple countries.

Position your startup for growth

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our FAQs for everything you need to know about Organize by Raise.
What does Raise do?
Raise is designed to simplify cap table management for startups and companies operating within the African ecosystem. We provide a comprehensive solution for managing shareholding structure, both before and after fundraising, allowing businesses to focus on growth and building a successful future.
What does the Organize product do?
Organize is a revolutionary platform that streamlines equity ownership and business management, from the initial launch to liquidity. Designed to enhance growth and empower teams and shareholders with equity literacy, Organize is the perfect tool for first-time founders, pre-seed, seed-stage, and Series A startups across Africa. With Organize, you can enjoy hassle-free equity management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - driving your business forward.
Why is there a waitlist?
We are currently in the process of refining the quality of our product to ensure that it meets the unique needs of the companies we are building it for. As such, we have created a waitlist for interested parties to join. By signing up for our waitlist, you will be among the first to experience the final product when it is ready. We appreciate your patience and support as we work diligently to deliver the best possible solution for you.
How & when can I get access?
Once you sign up, you will be placed on our early access waitlist. As soon as a new cohort becomes available, we will send you an email with instructions on how to access the program. We will do our best to keep you informed about the timeline and any updates.
How will this help me grow?
Our equity management tool for startups is designed to help you grow by streamlining your equity management process and removing legal barriers that can impede your progress. By pulling everything you need into one place, we're simplifying the process of managing equity, which means you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

What does the Organize
product help founders do?

Real time monitoring
View an accurate quality data of the African market on your live equity dashboards.
Paperless Contracts
Minimal human contact, issue equity to shareholders in clicks.
Entity management
Build compliance with custom integrations to manage your company & subsidiaries across jurisdictions in one place.
Legal Excellence
Get access to legal counsel, information & law firms across jurisdictions in Africa.
Fully automated, minimize the cost of human/manual-related errors
Accuracy & Transparency
Retain equity independence for founders, onboard, attract & retain the right investors
& shareholders.
Shareholder calculators
An equity calculator to help shareholders view their ROI in real-time
Plan the future by modelling projections against market data to give shareholders a view of their earnings potential
Custom built automations to help founders collate market data in one spot & remain compliant always.
Fully integrated with data hotspots such as Stears Intelligence, Briter Intelligence, Crunchbase and the Big Deal Data.
Tools & Templates
Fully integrated with tools and templates to help organize & present data accurately
Custom tool to help analyze your startup’s data and build valuations using standardized valuation methods.
Well-equipped resource bank providing adequate knowledge for African startups on building and managing equity effectively
Founders toolkits, templates and guides to help African founders manage equity with ease and plan their next rounds.
Access to a robust community of founders, lawyers, law firms & venture firms to build and scale products across the African continent.
Live Sessions
Interactive one-on-one engagement sessions with founders and team on navigating the product easily

Position your startup for growth